Letter from Kim

When I began working as an assistant teacher at The First School in 1988, I knew I’d found my dream job. Walking into Ocean Park that first day, I felt the incredible respect for each child. I never dreamed that one day I would be director!

We have designed The First School preschool curriculum and campus progression so that it evolves from nurturing a child’s emerging autonomy to promoting initiative and accomplishment, and we hope our love and nurturing are felt in everything we do. 

Throughout the preschool experience, we support play as the heart of our program.  We believe that play activities foster a child’s natural inclination to develop the primary building blocks for all future learning; motivation, initiative, curiosity, exploration, persistence and skill mastery. 

Within the structure of a predictable and consistent school day, our teachers focus on facilitating problem solving, encouraging creativity, providing developmentally appropriate activities, and promoting social skills.

At The First School, we respect each child’s individual needs and unique abilities.  Our goal is to help children build upon their inner resources and to enable them to grow to meet the challenges and joys of life with confidence and flexibility.

We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share these special years with your family.