Preschool Year 1
2 years, 9 months - 4 years old Ocean Park Campus
Teacher as nurturer

Teachers focus on successful separation and attachment. They support the child's emotional needs in order to foster a strong sense of self and comfort in a structured group environment. Activities are fun, creative and age appropriate.

Each class has 2 teachers with 12-14 kids per class.


Beautifully minimal classrooms built with natural materials are designed to keep little minds at ease, and therefore, creative.

Research, and our experience, has shown that the more simple the environment, stimuli and materials, the more profound are the interactions and imaginative play amongst young children.

Similarly, the thoughtful layout of the play yard and structures are built entirely for small children to explore, climb, run, bike, and play.

Preschool Curriculum

The magic of a child's first preschool year is captured in the ideal setting at The First School's Ocean Park Campus. This most precious time for children and families is supported by The First School's preschool staff and their deep expertise in understanding the first experiences of separation, and the social and sensory demands that children are just beginning to experience.

Small preschool class sizes and low child:teacher ratios allow for teachers to participate with children and help navigate the children's interactions. When children experience hardships or big feelings, the environment and staff at Ocean Park allow for children's needs to be supported, their experiences narrated as needed and their feelings heard and articulated. They develop positive, trusting relationships with their teachers and enhance their communications as they become more autonomous.

The children who have not attended a transition group will learn how to say goodbye to their parents through our caring, individualized separation process.

They develop age-appropriate habits of self-care skills and gain increasing self-reliance and feelings of competence. These experiences promote problem-solving skills, cooperation, and self-knowledge.

Monday – Friday 9am – noon,
with opportunity for early start at 8:30
and After Lunch Bunch with pick up between 2:00 and 4:00pm (2:00pm only on Friday)

The children feel so secure,
understood, and comfortable that they
are ready to take risks, play and learn!

First School Parent