Our Staff

At The First School, we believe our greatest strength lies in the talents and skills of our staff. Our teachers are highly educated and have deep expertise in early childhood education and preschool curriculum, but most importantly, they are attentive, warm and nurturing. They just love children and are passionate about what they do, every day.

Our teachers appreciate that each child has unique strengths, interests, needs and learning styles. Teachers actively engage with children in child-directed play, care-giving, and teacher-inspired activities within a predictable and stable daily schedule. They are intentional and authentic. The trust that is developed between child and teacher provides the support that is needed for each child to reach their highest potential: It enables them to discover their interests, fully explore their intrinsic curiosity and creativity, and to develop self-confidence, independence, and satisfying peer relationships.

As the school’s most valuable asset, staff is supported in their continuing education to stay up to date with the latest in preschool curriculum and early childhood education research and techniques.

Cultural Exchange Enrichment: Japan Program

As part of our commitment to expose preschoolers to cultural diversity, we have developed an exchange program with preschools in Japan. The First School teachers have traveled to Japan to visit preschool classes and learn about approaches to early childhood education and preschool curriculum there. We have met with teachers and students in Niigata, Tokyo, Sendai and Kyoto. In exchange, Japanese teachers visit The First School to observe and to interact with American teachers and preschoolers. The First School now has an on-going relationship with the Mukaiyama School in Sendai (www.mukaiyama.ac.jp), and we have visited several other schools including the Gyotoku, Wakaba, Meysen, Futuba and Seijo Gakuen preschools.

Our teachers are reflective of our ethnically diverse community, which provides meaningful learning opportunities for the children. Our teachers stay with us for a long time- many have been part of The First School family for 10 years or more. All staff maintain certification in CPR and First Aid.

Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.

Chinese proverb