Teacher as Trusted Guide

Children are given the time and space to develop loving bonds with their teachers with their parents still present. Once a sense of deep security is established, children are taken under the wing of their beloved teachers who gently guide them through the routine and patterns of the school day and to the formation of satisfying connections with their peers.


Stay & Play meets at our Ocean Park campus. Here you’ll find warm and cozy minimal classrooms built with natural materials, designed to keep little minds at ease, and therefore, creative. Research, and our experience, has shown that the more simple the environment, stimuli and materials, the more profound are the interactions and imaginative play amongst young children. Similarly, the thoughtful layout of the play yard and structures are built entirely for small children to explore, climb, run, bike, and play.


This transitional program meets 2-4 times per week and is led by a preschool teacher. Parents are present during the class until the child and teacher have established a relationship. The number of parent attended classes varies with each family. The children learn to follow the routine of a shortened school day; they participate in two structured group times; and join in conversation at the snack table.

At Stay and Play, the focus is on language development and beginning social skills as the children enjoy special time with their teacher and the other children. This class also allows children to become familiar with our preschool routine, curriculum and the physical environmental.

Monday – Thursday (times vary based on availability)

Wisdom begins with Wonder.